A Range Of Psychology Services Are 

Provided For Children And Adults.



MPCTS endeavours to provide high quality psychological assessments and interventions that are: 


1. Evidence-based: using published research and literature to guide the range of interventions that are offered, keeping up to date with research and innovative practice, and developing interventions around the client according to their assessed needs. 


2. Effective: Continued attention is given to the question of is this working for the client, are we seeing desired change (if not, why not). 


3. Transparent: The service attempts to continually explain how it works, why it chooses its methods, and how it reached its opinion or diagnosis. Penny Rogers relishes sharing her knowledge with others (and learning from others).


 These Include: 


  • Psychological assessment of children with developmental, behavioural , educational or emotional concern.


  • Psychological assessment of adults with mental health or emotional concern.  


  • Psychoeducational assessment of children with schooling or learning difficulties.


  • Behaviour management assessment and development of behaviour management plans for children.


  • Workshops on a range of issues, please see Web page for up-to-date details. On-site training can be provided for services.




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